Thank you very much for your interest in our studio. We work very hard to make sure you have the best experience possible while getting the highest quality pieces rendered onto your skin. A properly filled form is a must if you are requesting to be tattooed by Marc. This step ensures a more user friendly process and it cuts the back and forth usually required to drill down and figure out the piece you want and if it fits with Marc’s overall artistic direction etc.


*Currently Marc’s books are closed until further notice.
If you fill out a form you will not get an answer until his books reopen; therefore, It is best to send when the books reopen to maximize your visibility and chances of getting in.

Marc’s schedule is from Tuesday to Saturday and all appointments start at 10 AM. Please note that Saturdays are a prime time slot and are usually booked up very fast. As much as we try to work within the boundaries of your schedule you may need to take some days off work in order to accommodate your tattoo sessions. Sessions are usually about 6-9 hours of tattooing. Because of email and digital communication, consultations are usually not required before the appointment, unless otherwise noted and instructed by the artist. The design will be finalized on the first appointment.

First Session

Upon arrival at the first appointment, you will discuss your project with Marc to finalize the design. This will be done via Procreate so you will have a visual of the final result on your body. It is important to remain open-minded and allow as much creative freedom; this is to get the best result and get a unique piece. There are intrinsic qualities to a good tattoo that can only be reflected using certain references (lighting, depth effect,etc) or using a certain placement on the body (foreground vs background, emphasis on subject matter).

Once the concept part is done, the tattooing will begin.The sessions are usually a duration of about 6-9 hours. During the first session the actual tattoo time may be shorter depending on the time spent designing etc; it is all part of the process. Unless discussed prior, It is important to plan a full day for the appointment as the time of release is indeterminate.

Deposit Requirements

Because most of Marc’s work is very large scale, involved work that requires multiple sessions we take a $1000 deposit to hold your spot.