How do I schedule an appointment?

Appointments are made through the artist, by filling out the appointment request form.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

You MUST be 18 in Canada to get tattooed, no exceptions.

Can I bring friends or kids with me?

Minors and children are not allowed under any circumstances. You can bring a friend, as long as they do not cause any distraction.

How should I care for my new tattoo?

Your artist will give you care instructions after you are tattooed. If you have questions, email the shop and ask for help with aftercare.

How many hours does it take to tattoo a Full Sleeve?

Unfortunately, its very hard to estimate, as everybody is unique, every design is unique and nobody can predict how the skin will behave during tattooing, let alone predict some of the genetically predetermined aspects of skin that cannot be assessed visually. Some sleeves can take 25 hours to finish some 40. All these hours are stretched in time, normal tattoo sessions are 6-9 hours.

I’ve never been tattooed before, what is a process? How can we start?

First a discussion about your tattoo idea and details is in order to determine if we are a right fit artiscally. An appointment request form must be filled out. If we agree to start the process, a deposit must be paid. (It’s NON refundable but will be applied to the final price of your tattoo on the last session). Then your first tattoo appointment can be scheduled.

I’ve filled out your appointment request form but never get a reply.

* as Marc’s books are closed currently he is unable to take on any more tattoo requests. You will not get an answer until the books reopen

We are doing our best to reply to everyone. Please note that not all projects make the cut. I try to take on as many projects as I can based on the days I have available to book everyone. If I’m unwilling to take on a project because of the subject matter or if it doesn’t fit within my artistic direction try switching gears or giving more creative freedom in order for the project to be potentially accepted.

Can we discuss my tattoo idea by phone?

No. Please fill out the form. Visual reference images must be provided when filling out the appointment request form. Once the project is accepted if we need to talk about it over the phone we will be in contact.

I am late to my appointment, will I lose my deposit?

If you feel you are going to be late up to 30 min, email the studio and we will wait for you. If you are late past 30 minutes we’ll run your timer. If you are late for more than 1 hour without any notice, you will lose your deposit.

What is the waiting time before I can book my tattoo appointment? How long is your waiting list?

Marc Roy’s books are now closed. Follow on Facebook or Instagram to find out when books open. It will be explicitly communicated when books are open again.

What is a usual tattoo session duration?

A normal tattoo session is about 6-9 hours. Session length is a function of pain tolerance, skin behavior, swelling etc. If sessions need to be shorter we will readjust for further appointments.

Dos and Don’t before you get tattooed.

Marc has a zero tolerance policy with alcohol consumption or drug use prior to getting tattooed. The unpredictability of intoxicated people or impaired people makes his job harder as a whole; this will negatively affect the quality of your tattoo and also affects the focus required for the artist to properly execute the piece. Do not sun tan or use tanning beds/tanning creams. If you have a lot of hair in the area of tattoo, you can shave the area. A final shave to clean up area will be done prior to your session by the artist. Proper rest, hydration and eating is also very important.

Can I use any painkillers or numbing stuff?

No. You always have to ask/inform your tattoo artist before using any numbing agents before/during/after tattooing as it might affect the result.

Can you cover up my old tattoo?

In some cases it can be covered up, depending on placement, size and the overall project. Please note that I do not prioritize coverups in my body of work so you may impede your chances of getting in if your sole focus is a cover up.

Is there tax on tattoos?

Yes, just as with any service within British Columbia. GST will be charged for all services at 5%.